10 Proven Digital Marketing Methods For Startups

12 Dec

The advent of technology has completely revolutionized the world of marketing and businesses today vastly rely on digital marketing to grow and sustain their brand. Regardless of their size, startups invest a great deal of time and energy in the quest for the proven digital marketing methods which could catapult their business success to a whole new level. Nowadays, the digital world dictates the growth of a business startup and its impact on the success of an aspiring business can never be undermined. Making the right decisions and adopting proven marketing methodologies can help a Startup achieve success in the most rapid way. Here we have compiled a list of some proven methods startups use to grow, and build their brands online.

  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization continues to rule the world of digital marketing and is the most proven strategy for lead generation. The online visibility of a website totally depends on the element of search engine optimization and the effective use of this strategy can help the business achieve substantial digital exposure. Mastering this art is paramount to the long-term success of the business and can help the startups generate powerful leads and acquire new clients and partners. A healthy investment in this marketing method has helped many businesses productively grow and flourish.                             

  • Content Marketing

Search Engine Optimization & Content Marketing go hand-in-hand and it is seemingly impossible to find success through the former strategy without investing time & energy in the latter. Creating meaningful and interesting content helps build a strong level of trust with the users and potential customers. Blogging & social media are the two most effective methods of content marketing and the two work in tandem to help startups build credibility, and improve their brand authority.

  • Targeted Email Marketing

The initiation of social media transfigured the world of digital marketing and took away the attention from one of the most proven marketing methods – Email Marketing. A professional digital marketer knows the amazing benefits of using targeted email marketing to nurture a list of leads and how this can effectively translate into sales. The primary objective of all startups is to achieve sales and a solid methodology for getting there is to develop a targeted email list.

  • Building Buyer Personas

Every successful business knows the true significance of building buyer personas and this marketing method can greatly help in deciphering the real needs and requirements of a potential buyer. Understanding the demographics of the users and studying their buying habits helps a business identify the areas which are most successful and the areas which need the most improvement. Getting to know your audience, and developing your process to align with their behaviors is key to creating a sales strategy, as well as content which attracts and promotes your business effectively.

  • Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a broad term which comprises several digital marketing methods & strategies. The two most important methods include tag optimization and profile optimization. Through the aid of social networks, startups can build a strong online presence which can greatly assist their brand’s image and growth. The optimization of the social profiles and conducting regular tag optimizations can help a business better target key demographics and be an effective lead generation strategy.

  • Dual Optimization of Desktop & Mobile Marketing

In order to succeed in your digital marketing efforts, it is important for a startup to understand the difference between mobile marketing and desktop marketing. Over the years digital marketing has evolved, and mobile marketing has rapidly become an essential element of any digital marketing campaign strategyThe act of optimizing your website for both mobile and desktop can help your brand attain exposure from a wide range of different channels in a real way. Achieving marketing goals is the true aim and using dual optimization is the most effective approach.

  • Analytical Tests & Goals

A successful business regularly conducts analytical review and tests with an aim to evaluate the progress and performance of their digital marketing strategy. This analytical data is critical when determining whether to stick with a given marketing method or to seek out other more profitable options. Promoting a startup is not an easy task and a comparison of analytical data you’re your predefined business goals is essential to ensure productive growth & development of your brand, while also verifying a positive return on investment.

  • Content Gating

The secondary objective of every aspiring startup is to establish a solid list of prospects which hold the potential to transition into customers. Content gating is an act of requesting the visitor to sign up in order to access the website content. This can help your business in acquiring the basic information of a visitor and also help in developing buyer personas, and fine-tune your sales and marketing strategy.  

  • Uniform Brand Messaging

In order to achieve success through content marketing strategies, it is crucial for a business to create original shareable content which delivers a universal message. Having developed buyer personas, the brand needs to evaluate whether or not the content is delivering the right message to the right demographic, and ensure this content will be received in a relevant and usable way. Reviewing the central message of all external marketing collateral and ensuring the consistency of the content message can help the brand in earning the all-important trust of visitors and potential buyers.

  •  Hosting Informative Webinars

A webinar or online seminar is a great way to market your brand and reach out to a targeted audience. Webinars are informative and engaging and serve as a great tool of promoting your business and brand in an appealing manner. Utilizing webinar marketing strategies is a great digital marketing tool for small startups in need of substantial exposure when budgets are limited. This strategy is most successfully implemented in conjunction with email marketing campaigns and buyer personas have been created.

By Carolina Rios, Content Manager, Blaze Media Group

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