Charitable Fundraising Using Google Grants

02 Nov

Every non-profit organization requires a solid platform to promote their cause and educate the public about the need for change. Getting that message across to the right audience who care enough to contribute to this change is the ultimate goal of every charitable organization. Google Grants is a digital fundraising program which serves as an effective platform for nonprofit organizations who are in dire need of volunteers and donations. Spreading the word and sharing your story is the primary objective of Google Grants and is one of many advertising solutions nonprofits have available today.

Through the aid of Google Ads, the Google Grants program can help charities attain the critical exposure they need, and allow prospective donors and volunteers to contribute to their cause. Simplifying the process of charitable fundraising, this platform helps nonprofit organizations flourish and continue to support their communities. The Grants program offered by Google provides qualified nonprofit organizations a $10,000 USD contribution every month to help with fundraising and volunteer recruitment efforts.

Digital fundraising has had a positive impact on the growth and development of countless nonprofit organizations across the United States. With this being said, there are guidelines that must be met when promoting through the Google Grants program, and nonprofits must apply and provide documentation verifying their 501(c)(3) status. Although the application process and guidelines can be tedious, there are many advertising agencies that assist nonprofits in getting established with the program.

Digital marketing firms like Blaze Media Group; an Arizona based digital advertising firm is one of many in the United States that specialized in assisting nonprofits with Google Grants and other similar programs. If your organization is interested in learning more about Google Grants you should first begin by reviewing Googles requirements for entry into the program. Secondly, it may be wise to contact a professional advertising firm to review your strategy and learn about other programs that may work hand in hand with your existing marketing strategy.

By Amber Faust, Digital Strategist, Blaze Media Group

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