The Importance Of Backlinks

22 Dec

One of the most important elements that affect your position on search engines is the number of links that currently point to your page from other pages online. The number of backlinks is one of many indicators used by search engines to determine the relevancy of your website. Google's algorithm, for example, uses backlinks to ascertain your sites relevancy by the number of other sites linked to you, and what content is being discussed on the page when linking to your site. Obviously, not all backlinks have the same significance. There are a few critical rules that may separate valuable backlinks from poor ones. 

The most valuable links pointing to your web page are from high authority websites with similar relevant content. These websites are usually websites where one can find useful and distinctive information about the subject of their interest. For example, a backlink from a cooking website would not be highly valuable for me if I were a computer hardware retailer. This, however, doesn’t mean I do not want to have this backlink, it just simply means that other more relevant links could be more valuable to my business. 

High-quality backlinks are those updated on a regular basis, have a lot of visitors, and have similarities in the content you are promoting. They don't necessarily need to have a high PR, but that would be a plus. Since other website owners need to maintain a positive reputation, it is not that simple to produce a backlink on these websites. This is why you need to provide something valuable in return such as quality content in the form of an article related to a topic both you and the website you wish to receive the link from are discussing. By doing so you will begin to build standing for your website online. 

Do not however make the mistake of simply going to a website and leaving a comment with a link to your website. These are usually marked instantly as spam by the website owner. You must understand how authority sites, and particularly blogs work. Everything is connected and website owners and bloggers communicate with each other. If you are marked as a spammer on a single website, there is a good possibility you'll be marked on blogs and many other websites as a spammer as well. 

If you want to build quality backlinks for your website keep it honest, keep it relevant, and keep on looking for those willing to publish your content and you will get some backlinks. Also, remember what you did to build your links when others reach out to you for something similar. 

By Dustin Birch, Director of Compliance, Blaze Media Group

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